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Joanna Leach and Peter Katin have made a series of recordings on the Athene label, playing on square pianos restored by Andrew.

These recordings have been acclaimed in glowing terms by leading critics and have been recommended in the Complete Penguin Guide and Gramophone Good CD Guide.

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Three Square. John Field Nocturnes, Joanna Leach.

Gramophone: "She most persuasively suggests an imtimacy and transparency hard to parallel on more modern instruments...Any singer hearing these performances would surely congratulate Leach on her "vocal line, so richly and delicately embellished"



Haydn Sonata in C major, Sonata in E flat, Sonata in C minor, Variations in F minor. Joanna Leach

Hi-Fi World: "Joanna Leach's finely judged, slightly self restrained approach is exactly suited to this music...Lovingly played...simply magical"



Four Square recital Soler: Sonanta no 90 in F sharp minor Haydn : Sonanta in C Hob XV1:1 Mozart : Fantasie in D minor K.397 etc Joanna Leach

The Penguin Guide : "There is no more convincing fortepiano recital than this. Fine performances throughout and excellent recording. A fascinating way of discovering what the pianos' ancestors could do best"



Clementi on Clementi. Five sonatas of Clementi played on a Clementi square piano of c.1830. Peter Katin.

BBC Music Magazine : "He plays sensitively , with elegant phrasing and rubato...this really is a most desirable disc..."



Schubert Impromptus D.899 D.935. Peter Katin.

BBC Music Magazine : "This is an important disc both for students of piano music and those interested in Schubert"

Gramophone : "I enjoyed the instrument first and foremost for its ability to sing so beautifully with such tellingly contrasted voices. Katin draws bewitching sound from the treble in Schubert's rippling or cascading semiquavers"



Schubert Die Schone Mullerin. Richard Edgar Wilson/Joanna Leach

Early Music Review: "The singer has lovely control of line and dynamics..The accompaniment is excellent.."



Schubert: Drei Klavierstucke, Valse Nobles Moment Musicaux. Peter Katin.

Gramophone : The Clementi square piano sounds wholly appropriate...beautifully atmospheric effects..timeless quality...etherial upper register"



Dussek Duos Concertants for harp and fortepiano.

Piano Sonata Elegie Harmonique. Joanna Leach Stodart square piano, Derek Bell Erard Grecian harp.

Early Music Review: :"The timbres of the grecian harp and square piano interweave and compliment each other in a way that would be impossible on modern instruments. The playing is excellent throughout."



Haydn, Five sonatas and Capriccio. Joanna Leach

Early Music News : "Good musicianship which brings these pieces to life in a most convincing way and exploits the sound of the piano very effectively. The instrument in question is a Stodart square piano of 1823 excellently restored by Andrew Lancaster"



Scarlatti, 16 Sonatas. Joanna Leach.

“Joanna Leach gives us playing that is intensely and exquisitely expressive. Her response to melodic shape and harmonic meaning, her delicacy of touch and total commitment to the piano she has chosen is outstanding. Here is a performer who is immersed in the music of that period, and she casts a persuasive light upon some of the rarer, slower sonatas. Joanna opens our ears in quite a fresh way to the often overlooked, fragile beauty of the treasures within.” - Penelope Cave (The Consort)

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